Blackface dares Tuface, releases new video of African Queen

16 years after the release of African Queen by Tuface under the Kennis Records label, Blackface is yet to squash his beef with Tuface for the Alleged theft of the song.

The song which was released in 2004 became a global hit and was featured in the 2006 movie Fat Girls.

Blackface on August 5 released a controversial video of his own version, retaining elements of the original version but playing around with the delivery and lyrics. The song is delivered on a reggae beat, which Blackface is very comfortable with.

Admittedly, Blackface has improved impressively vocally, and perhaps, making this video will allow him to finally heal, let go of the ghost of the past which appears to haunt him, and begin a rediscovery of his musical genius.

At the 3 minute mark, he delivers a surprising third verse, in quick staccato lines, reigning over the reggae beat as only Blackface would.

Perhaps that third verse would have made a brand new song that would not have gone unnoticed by the industry, even to the extent of reviving Blackface’s comatose street cred.

Watch the video below>>

Over the years, Blackface had consistently claimed that he co-wrote the song with Tuface, accusing the latter of using the song without his consent. After a botched litigation, the duo opted to settle out of court, although the details of that truce are not well known.

Reacting to the video, Nigerians are wondering why it took the Erema crooner 16 years to release his own version and why Blackface seems stuck in the past.

What are your thoughts?

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