Burna Boy releases powerful visuals for “Monsters You Made” in support of Black Lives Matter

Burna Boy has released powerful visuals for his song Monsters You Made in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. The song is a fan-favorite from his newly released album Twice As Tall.

In Monsters You made, Burna dons a red beret, evoking images of the resistance. Reflecting on the anger and discontent which characterize the Black Lives Matter movement, Burna Boy’s new video is black rising.

It is a revolution themed video. We see a guerilla army being trained and this small army later takes over a dollar-laden bullion van – a metaphorical representation of the system of oppression and injustice which has excluded and segregated blacks for centuries.

A combination of archival footage highlighting apartheid, the civil rights movement, and Africa’s struggle for independence gives context and depth to the video which ends with Burna Boy and his army raising their clenched fists in solidarity with Black Lives Matter as they watch the contents of the bullion van burn. The video which features Cold Play’s Chris Martins was directed by Meji Alabi.

Burna announced the release of the video on his twitter handle to his 3.8 million followers in the late hours of Thursday, August 28, 2020.

The video has already garnered almost 400,000 views on youtube barely 8 hours after release.

Watch the video below>>

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