A heart-wrenching love letter from the climate to humans

Climate ChangeI need Your Love

A poem by Solape Adetutu Adeyemi

I need your love

Help me to be loved

I want to be loved

love is my sustenance

love is my life

Not to be loved is death!

Daily you disrespect me

You throw thrash meant for the bin, into the gutters.

You throw thrash meant for the bin in water bodies

You allow untreated water to leave your companies

You make me dirty and cause me to stink!

Yet I endure it

Hoping, crying, that one day, you’d get to love me

You urinate and defeacate in my waters

You urinate in the gutters

I smell so much

And I begin to wonder

What did I ever do, to deserve this?

Daily you cut me down, yes I, Mr. Tree

Without recourse to cultivating another tree, where you had unseated me!

Indirectly cutting off the supply of oxygen I give 

Through photosynthesis formed by my green leaves

And you wonder why the weather is getting unbearably hot!

Cutting me down for furniture making!

Cutting me down for firewood!

Defacing me, reducing me to a tree stump!

Daily you provoke me

Yet I plead for love

You ruin my ozone layer, my covering, my wrap

This, by burning fossil fuels, running generator plants, instead of going green!

The Carbon dioxide released from your actions destroy my satiny covering of Ozone

I weep, I cry at your thoughtlessness

Yet, I plead for love

I plead for empathy.

Cannot you, understand me, a little

Cannot you, be sensitive to my emotions, a little?

Every act of your callousness to me

Breeds daily, catastrophic changes in me, the Climate!

I will pour down rain at unexpected times and with such ferocity

That houses get submerged, people drown and die!

Farmlands get submerged in so much floodwater, sometimes drought comes too soon and too long

I will cause the seasons to be shortened and sometimes elevated

I will cause the sun to be scorching

I will give no relief from the weather

All because you refuse to love me

All because of your refusal to care for me

Daily you taunt me, the gas flares choke me, 

cause so much heat for me and subsequently, increases the emission of greenhouse gases

And heats up the planet

Your cement producing industries, 

spew so much asbestos that my vegetation is literally bathed with it

The air, my air is tainted and filled with it!

The sky, my sky literally turns grey with it!

And when I pour down rain, the asbestos runs into your water bodies, 

Water bodies you drink from, polluting it, endangering your lives.

We’re in this together!

The more you hurt me, the more you hurt yourself!

The more you taunt me

Wondering, what the heck, can I do?

The more, I’ll show you, that even the kitten has claws!

What you throw at me, is what I’ll give back!

Give me love

I need your love

Can a lover, ruthlessly rape its love?

Yet, you rape me daily with your actions that are so very unloving

You graze on my farmlands until they are completely bare, exposing it to leaching

You cause bush fires, which destroy nutrients in my soil and cause me to burn in intense heat,

killing all the biological life in my fauna

I am Climate!

The hate you give

The thoughtless disregard to me

Yields catastrophic, never-ending events!

I need your love

Else you won’t have an environment to leave generations after you!

We both need to be loved!

We need this love, to survive!

We need this love for preservation!

Else we both go, extinct.

3 replies on “A heart-wrenching love letter from the climate to humans”

Some hard truth between two supposed lovers. We shall worry less about climate and more about man, for man’s activities trigger nature’s reactions.

May we end the nature’s tears with a thoughtful empathy.
May your ever flowing pen push more people into stopping our communal rape.

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